Диалог: Pros and cons of school / Плюсы и минусы школы

Pros and cons of school / Плюсы и минусы школы

Samantha:  Jeremiah, what form are in this year?
Jeremiah:  Grandma, I’m already in the 10-th form!
Samantha:  Oh really? How the time flies! Why didn’t you leave school after the 9-th form?
Jeremiah:  Well, grandma, I think that I should graduate from high school and then enter the University.
Samantha:  But you could as well go to college after the 9-th form and then, after the graduation enter to the University.
Jeremiah:  You see, i’m still a schoolboy, in fact just a child. In college, though, one is not a child any more. Teachers in school usually treat you as a kid, and in college, the teachers think you are an adult already. I’ll have my whole life to be an adult. I want to stay a kid a bit longer.
Samantha:  I see! My little baby, would you like some granny’s famous panecakes?
Jeremiah:  I’d love to. Thanks grandma!

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