Диалог: Australia / Австралия

Samantha: Hey, Christopher, how are you?
Christopher: Oh, hello, Samantha. I’m ok, you?
Samantha: I’m cool! Look, have you ever been in Australia? I want to visit this beautiful country.
Christopher: Yes, I have. It is really amazing country. You should visit it as soon as you can.
Samantha: Definitely. If I go, would you come with me? I have no one to travel with.
Christopher: What about your girlfriend Mia?
Samantha: Oh, we broke up… But I’m ok. So, would you go with me?
Christopher: Of course, Darren! It is an honor to me.
Samantha: I’m glad, Chris. I will call you as soon as I buy tickets!
Christopher: Ok, dude, see you soon!
Samantha: Bye!

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