Диалог: Food / Еда



Jayden: Hello! What’s new?
Thomas: Hi!  Thanks, business is looking well. What about you?
Jayden: Fine, thank you. I’ve decided to serve  traditional English breakfast for you. I want that you feel at home here.
Thomas: Very nice.I am very hungry now.
Jayden: Sit down to table, please. I’ve cooked some  delicious porridge today.
Thomas: What is the porridge?
Jayden: The oatmeal porridge with fruit and chocolate.
Thomas: How have you managed to guess what I want? I always ate one at home.
Jayden: Help yourself to it.I have booked in a shop some fresh bacon and corn toasts.
Thomas: I like the bacon, but I am allergic to corn.
Jayden: What a pity! Would you like some juice?
Thomas: Yes, please, a glass.
Jayden: I like some strawberry jam. We  always cook it ourselves.
Thomas: Do you bring some berries from your country?
 Jayden: Yes,  we have a lot of berries on our dacha.
 Thomas:  I think this jam is worth trying.
 Jayden:  How do you cook it? What is the recipe?
 Thomas:  I will write down you after breakfast. It’s quite easy.
 Jayden: Thank you.Are there some quail eggs?
 Thomas: Right. Have you ever tried them?
 Jayden: Yes, I like it.Will you pass me the eggs, please.
 Thomas: Here you are.
 Jayden: Thanks.
 Thomas: There isn’t enough salt in it.Will you pass me the salt, please.
 Jayden: Here it is.
 Thomas:  Thank you.
 Jayden: I discovered a new shop in the city  centre yesterday. I had never been there and came in the first time.There were some perfect teas.
 Thomas:  Did you buy any?
 Jayden:  Yes, I bought one with some jasmine and currants.It is some London tea.I think it will remind you about your home.
 Thomas:  Oh, thank you.It’s very nice of you.

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