Диалог: In zoo / В зоопарке

In zoo / В зоопарке

 Samantha:  Today is a nice day. I am happy because we are at the zoo.
 Christopher: Oh look! there is a monkey!
 Samantha:  I don’t like monkeys. I like lions. i want to see the lions and the
big elephants.
 Christopher:  The lions are there. Look! the gate is open….Why is the gate open?
 Samantha: Don’t worry, the lions are sleeping. they like the sun.
 Christopher:  Let’s go to the giraffes. Look there….someone is running. they are running this way. Everyone is running. Oh….there is a lion behind them.
 Samantha:  Move quickly. The lion is coming here!!
 Christopher:  Let’s get out of here. Run faster. don’t look back. just run!

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