Диалог: My room / Моя комната

My room

Моя комната

 Savannah: This is a lovely room, Victoria.
 Victoria: I`m glad you like it. It is always a pleasure to sit here and read magazines and newspapers after a long day in the office. And where do you live in St. Petersburg,  Savannah?
 Savannah: We live in a four-room flat in a new district of St. Petersburg.
 Victoria: Is your flat comfortable?
 Savannah: Yes, it is very comfortable. There is very much built-in furniture in our hall and in the kitchen. Our windows are large and the rooms are light.
 Victoria: In which room do you like to spend evening hours?
 Savannah: I like to spend my evening hours in the sitting-room. We usually watch television there or listen to music on the records.
 Victoria: Yes, it is always nice to spend a quiet evening with the family.
 Savannah: I think so too.

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