Диалог: Vitamins / Витамины

Samantha: Hi, Christopher!
Christopher: Hi, Samantha!
Samantha: I read a book about vitamins yesterday!
Christopher: Wow, so, what’s new did you understand?
Samantha: Oh, I realised, I have to eat more carrot!
Christopher: Really? Why?
Samantha: Carrot contains vitamin А, which helps with eyes! And protects from infections.
Christopher: It is unbelievable! Maybe your eyes will be cured, and you will never need glasses anymore!!!
Samantha: Yes, I hope!
Christopher: Did you read something about else vitamins?
Samantha: Yes, I read about vitamin C.
Christopher: And where we can find it?
Samantha: Oh, we can find it in many fruits, for example in orange, or lemon.
Christopher: How it helps?
Samantha: It makes your immunity strong!
Christopher:  Give me, please, your book for reading, I want to know about vitamins too! It is too helpful!
Samantha: Sure!

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