Математические действия. Operations in Mathematics.


Addition. Сложение.

a+b=c is read: a plus b equals c; a and b is equal to c; a added to b makes c; a plus b is c.
a, b are called “addends” or “summands” (слагаемые); c is the “sum”.


Subtraction. Вычитание.

4-3=1 is read: three from four is one; four minus three is one; four minus three is
equal to one; four minus three makes one; the difference between four and three is one; three from four leave(s) one.
4 is caled “a minuend” (уменьшаемое); 3 is “a subtrahend” (вычитаемое); 1 is “a difference” (разность).

Multiplication. Умножение.

2?3=6; 2·3=6 is read: two multiplied by three is six; twice three is six; three times two is six; two times three make(s) six.
5·3=15 five threes is (are) fifteen 2, 5 are “multiplicands” (множимое); 3 is “a multiplier” / “factor” (множитель); 6
is “a product”.

Division. Деление.

35?5=7 is read: thirty five divided by five is 7; five into thirty five goes seven times; 35 divided by 5 equals 7.

35 is “a dividend” (делимое); 5 is “a divisor” (делитель); 7 is “a quotient” (частное).

Involution or Raise to power. Возведение в степень.

32, 53 are read: three to the second power or 3 squared; five cubed or 5 to the third power (to power three).
x2 – x is called the “base of the power”; 2 is called “an exponent or index of the power”.

Evolution. Извлечение из корня.

v9 =3 is read: the square root of nine is three.
?v27 = 3 is read: the cube root of twenty seven is three.
v is called “the radical sign” or “the sign of the root”.
to extract the root of … – извлекать корень из…

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