топик Barker, Arizona Clarc “Ma”, d. 1935

“Ma” Barker’s gang was mostly composed of her own four sons, and she led them to criminal fame. She was never a r rested, but her sons often were. Ma would appear in court and protest their innocence or raise bail. By the time the gang was cleared up by the FBI it had been responsible for the deaths of four policemen, a civilian and one of their own number who talked too much.

The Barkers hit the bug time when they started kidnapping rich men for ransom, but this increased the pre s- sure by police and the FBI on the gang and its members had to split up. When Arthur Barker was captured, Ma’s hideout in Florida was revealed. The FBI’s G — men surrounded the house and called on Ma Barker and her son Fred to surrender. “To hell with all of you”, she replied and opened fire. The FBI used tear gas, but the gunfight continued until both Ma Barker and her son were dead.


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