топик Butch Cassidy, 1866 — 1910 and the Sundance Kid, d.1910

Butch Cassidy, whose real name was Robert Leroy Parker, was the leader of a gang of American outlaws called the Wild Bunch who operated mainly from a secure hideout in Wyoming Territory called Hole in the Wall. Other members of the gang were the Sundance Kid (real name Harry Longbaugh), Bill “News” Carver, Ben Kilpatrick and Harvey Logan. The Wild Bunch rustled cattle, held up banks and robbed trains, all with varied success. On one occasion they stole $40,000 in notes that were so new that they had not been signed, and their clumsy a t tempts to forge the signatures failed miserably.

Having made things too hot for themselves by robbing the Union Pacific rai l way rather too frequently, in 1902 Butch Cassidy and the Su n dance Kid moved to South America accompanied by pretty schoolteacher Etta Place. This combination carried out a number of robberies, before the two outlaws were ambushed and killed in a gunfight with the Bolivian army in 1910. However, rumours persist that either one or both men returned to the USA and lived on peacefully to die of old age. The film of their life and death, “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”, starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford, managed to catch the flavor of criminal exploits almost perfectly.

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