топик Capone, Alphonse, 1899 – 1947

“Al” Capone is possibly the best — known of all American gangsters, though by no means the most important. His home ground was Chicago. He was brought into the rackets by Johnny Torrio’s uncle “Big Jim” Colosimo. Capone seized his chance when prohibition was declared in 1920, which made the manufacture and sale of alcohol illegal in America. He soon rose to control a large part of the i l legal liquor market in Chicago and the Middle West.

A fierce and vicious man, he was responsible for many gangland killigs, including the 1929 St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, in which seven rival “bootleggers” (men selling illicit liquor) were trapped by gunmen dressed as police and machine — gunned to death. He was imprisoned in 1931 on income tax charges, became a model prisoner and was released in 1939.

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