топик Costello, Frank, 1891 – 1973

Known by American newspapers as “the Prime Minister of Crime”, Costello was born in Italy and came to America in 1896. Though not well educated, he had a very good brain, and rose steadily through the ranks of the Mafia until in 1936 he took over “Lucky” Luciano’s position as capo di capo re, or head of all the Family heads. He avoided violence whenever possible, but was not afraid to use it where necessary.

By 1943 he virtually owned New York, appointing city officials, judges and even mayors. He was jailed in 1954 on income tax charges and the resulting publicity made him less valuable to Meyer Lansky’s National Crime Syndicate, and he lost much of his power. An a t tempt was made on his life in 1957, but he was then allowed to retire in peace.


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