топик Crippen, Dr. Hawley Harvey, 1882 – 1910

Crippen is famous as a murderer mainly because he was the first one to be caught by the use of wir eless telegr a phy. He was an American born doctor who settled in London in 1900 with his wife Cora who had theatrical ambitions and used the stage name Belle Elmore. In 1910 Crippen’s wife vanished in suspicious circumstances and when the house was searched her dismembered body was discovered buried in a cellar. She had been poisoned. Meanwhile Crippen had fled with his girlfriend Ethel Le Neve, who was disguised as a boy. They thought that they were safe once they boarded the liner Montrose for America, but the a u thorities used the newly invented wireless to pass on a warning to the ship’s captain. Shortly afterwards “Mr Robinson” and his “son” were recognised and Crippen and Le Neve were a r rested in New York and returned to Britain. Largely due to Crippen’s insistence that she knew nothing of the crime, Ethel Le Neve was freed, but the mild, ino f- fensive looking little man was hanged at Pentonville prison on 23 rd N o- vember, 1910. It was for his ev i dence given at the Crippen trial that Sir Bernard Spilsbury, th e Home Office pathologist, first made a name.

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