Datining the right person

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Here are some principles which will help you to define for yourself the best person to marry. One of the best ways to find out who will be the best for you is to get an idea of the qualities of the person with whom you would like to spend your whole life. The best time is to do it before you fall in love wit someone. In fact, take a pen and do make a list right now. Think of dimensions identified by practicing psychologist Neil Clark (1994). He says to ask if you would like your future spouse to be quiet, funny or dependent quality of personality. How smart and intelligent does your future mate need to be? What kind of appearance criteria do you have? Ambition is not a small thing in a marriage, so you need to think about ambitions of your potential spouse. How important is romance and physical attraction to you? Do you need a mate who will never cheat for any reason: who is absolutely trustworthy, and will never steal anything or never lie? How important is it for you that your mate will develop more and more her/his relationship with God and love Him more than you? Would you like your future spouse to serve to the Lord?
Now, if you have answered all of the above questions you get a picture of your future mate, and of your ideal prince or princess. You know what you want. How will you make your desire real? If there is a certain way to choose?