Топики по английскому языку за 11 класс

Тип: топик

Язык: английский

Дата добавления: 30.04.2012

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Краткое описание работы

1. My Motherland.

What can you tell your English-speaking partner about Russia as the biggest country in the world (it’s geographical position, its weather and climate, etc.)?

What makes you proud of your Motherland (classic and modern writers, scientists, politicians, etc. )?

Why does Russia attract tourists from all over the world? What would you show to your friends in your country?

What cities, lakes, rivers is Russia famous for? Talk your partner into visiting them.

2. Moscow.

Is Moscow really a political, cultural and scientific center of Russia? Prove it.

What facts from the history of Moscow could be interesting to your friends from other countries?

Have you ever been to Moscow? What surprised you most of all?

What places (towers, streets, squares, churches, museums, concert halls, theatres, monuments, etc.) is Moscow famous for?

Which of them would you like to show to your friends coming to Moscow for a visit?

3. My School. My future career.

What would you like to do after school? Was it your own decision?

Who helped you to make your decision?

Have you tried a part-time or summer job to find out what interests you most of all? What professions are in demand now?

What are advantages and disadvantages of your future profession/job?

Which of your personal characteristics will help you to succeed in your career? Which qualities of your character would you like to develop? Why?

Those who chose their career correctly are really happy, aren’t they? Did you have «born teachers» at school?

Why teaching as a career is so important? I interview your teacher of English.

4. Youth problems.

You’ve got a lot of really difficult problems to solve, haven’t you? Share them with your


What jobs, attitudes, looks, arts, books, outfits, hobbies are popular among the teenagers?

Would you like to get a good education? Why? Where?

Is it easy for a teenager to get a job and to earn some money? Have you ever tried to? Say a few words

about your experience.

Do you always understand your parents? Do they understand you?

What are the reasons of misunderstanding?

Do you spend much time with your friends?

What do you usually talk about? How do you choose friends?

What do you value in yourself, in your friends?

5. Sport. Healthy living guide.

How does your health depend on your life style?

Is sport a hobby or part of your everyday life?

Why is it important to exercise every day?

What do you do to keep fit?

Would you like to be a professional sportsman? Talk about its advantages and disadvantages.

What famous sportsman do you know?

What questions would you ask him/her if you were a correspondent?

What sports are popular in your family?

Do your parents do sports regularly? Do you do it together? Is sport popular in Britain/America/Russia?

Which sports are especially popular in these countries?

6. Travelling.

Why is travelling so popular?

Do you (your family) travel? How often? Where and why?

Speak about the most interesting trip you have ever made.

Would you prefer to go abroad or to discover your own country? Explain why.

Why does Russia attract so many tourists from all over the world?

What would you show to your friends from other countries? Have you ever been to English-speaking countries? Anywhere abroad? Share your impressions.

7. Environment. Ecological problems.

Why are people so interested in environmental protection?

How does your health and your life depend on the environment? Give your reasons.

Who needs protection nowadays (people, animals, plants, oceans, etc.)?

Can you name any society fighting fog environmental protection? What do they do?

Would you like to join the society?

How do you protect the environment?