топик Fawkes, Guy, 1570 – 1606

Guy Fawkes is the best known member of the gang which planned Gunpowder plot of 1605. The originators of the plot were Robert Cate s- by, Thomas Wint er, Thomas Percy and John Wright. Fawkes was only brought in later by Catesby, who knew of his rep u tation for courage. All were Roman Catholics and their plan was to destroy James I and his Prote s tant parliament by blowing them up. Percy rented a house nex t to parliament and later the ce l lar below the House of Lords. There Fawkes hid thirty — six barrels of gunpowder, covering them with wood and coal. The plot was discovered when one of the conspirators sent a letter to Lord Mo n teagle in October 1605 asking h im not to attend the opening of parliament on 5 th November. Suspicions were aroused and on the night of 4 th November Fawkes was arrested in the cellar. He had been given the task of lighting the fuse to set off the explosion. Tortured, he refused to give t he names of his fellow conspirators until they had either been killed or captured. He was executed by hanging on 31 st January 1606.

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