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Unit 1 Articles

The use of articles in English is complex, and there are a lot of exceptions that need to be remembered and learned.
Here are the basic rules.
1 A/an
Use a/an to refer to a singular countable noun which is indefinite – either we don’t know which one, or it doesn’t matter which one.
They live in a lovely house.
I’m reading a good book at the moment.
She’s expecting a baby.
Use a/an to describe what something or someone is.
That’s an instrument for measuring distance.
She’s a lawyer.

2 The

Use the before a singular or plural noun, when both the speaker and the listener know which specific object is being referred to.
They live in the green house on top of the hill.
The book I’m reading is all about the emancipation of women.
Mind the baby! She’s near the fire.
The sweater I bought is blue.
Use the before a noun if it is the only one (the Queen, the Earth, the Atlantic). Also use it with certain public places, especially when referring to them in a general way:
I went to the theatre last night.
I have to go to the bank.
It should also be used when referring to general groups of people (the French, the rich and famous)

3 Zero article

Use no article with plural and uncountable nouns when talking about things in general.
Compare the use of articles in the following sentences.
Money is the root of all evil. (general)
Put the money on the table. (specific)
Love conquers all. (general).
The love I have for you will last for ever. (specific)
Gas is cheaper than electricity. (general)
I forgot to pay the bill, and now the gas has been cut off. (specific)