Hepatitis A Prevention

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How do you get hepatitis A?
Hepatitis A virus (HAV) is found in the stool of persons with hepatitis A. HAV is usually spread from person to person by putting something in the mouth that had been contaminated with the stool of a person with hepatitis A. For this reason, the virus is more easily spread in areas where there are poor sanitary conditions or where personal hygiene is not observed.
Persons with hepatitis A can spread the virus to others who live in the same household or with whom they have sexual contact. Casual contact as in the usual office, factory, or school setting does not spread the virus.

Who is at risk for hepatitis A?
• Persons who share a household or have sex contact with someone who has the hepatitis A
• Travelers to countries where hepatitis A is common and where clean water and proper sewage disposal are not available
• Men who have sex with men
• Persons who use street drugs
• Children and employees in child care centers (especially centers that have children in diapers) where a child or employee has hepatitis A
• Residents and staff of institutions for developmentally disabled persons when a resident or employee has hepatitis A
• Workers who handle HAV-infected animals or work with HAV in a research laboratory setting. (This does not include laboratories doing routine testing.)
• Persons with clotting factor disorders who receive clotting factor concentrates