топик Ladies of Liberty

In the 19th century , women in America were not allowed to vote. This made many women angry . So, they held street meetings and heckled political speakers. Many of the women were put in jail. These women were called “suf fragettes.” They were a very angry and active group of women.

Then, in 1886, the biggest woman in the world came to America. She was 151 feet (46 meters) tall and weighed 225 tons. She was a gift from France. Y ou can see her today on Bedloe’ s Island in New Y ork. She is the Statue of Liberty . The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom and equality . The statue was unveiled on October 26, 1886. That day , President Cleveland gave a speech to thousands of men on Bedloe’ s Island. Except for the Statue of Liberty , women were not allowed.

So, the suf fragettes circled Bedloe’ s Island in a boat and heckled the President with megaphones. They shouted at the group of men, “If Liberty got of f her pedestal, she would not be allowed to vote in France or America!!”

Finally , American women were allowed to vote in 1920. In France, women began voting after WWII in 1945.


Answer the following questions using complete sentences.

  1. W ere American women allowed to vote in the 19th century?
  2. Did this make women happy?
  3. Why were women put in jail?
  4. What were these women called?
  5. How big is the Statue of Liberty?
  6. W as she a gift from Italy?
  7. What is the Statue of Liberty a symbol of?
  8. When was the statue unveiled?
  9. Who gave a speech?
  10. On October 26, who was on Bedloe’ s Island?
  11. W ere women allowed?
  12. So, what did the suf fragettes do?
  13. What did they shout?
  14. When were American women allowed to vote?
  15. When were French women allowed to vote?
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