топик Lind bergh, Charles Augustus, 1902 – 1974

Kidnapping, which means the taking of a person – sometimes a child – by force and asking the family, friends or even employers of the person for ransom money in r e turn for his or her release, has always been rega rded as a serious crime. One of the best known kidnappings of modern times took place in America in March 1932, when the nineteen — months old son of American avi a tor Colonel Charles Lindbergh was taken from his New Jersey home while he was asleep in the nur sery. Charles Lindbergh was the first man to fly the Atlantic non — stop singl e- handed in 1927 and a great American hero. A large sum of money – $50,000 – was demanded by the kidna p per and this was eventually paid over by Lindbergh in April. However, the boy had already been mu r- dered and his body buried under leaves and twigs in a wood only four miles from the Lindbergh home. As a result of the Lindbergh case the crime of kidnapping was made a Federal instead of just a State offence with the passing of the “L indbergh Act” (Federal Ki d napping Act) in 1933. This allowed the FBI to become involved in the search for ki d- nappers and their vi c tims, making an arrest so much more likely. The kidnaper of Lindbergh’s child, Bruno Hauptmann, a carpenter from New York, was finally arrested in September 1934 after a massive search, and executed in 1936. The publicity which followed the ki d- napping was so great that the Lindberghs eventually left America to live in England and conti n ued to do so until 1939.

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