Методичка по Английскому языку для экономистов

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Marketing is the cornerstone discipline of some of the most successful companies in America and a discipline of growing interest to companies and nonprofit organizations throughout the world. All organizations face the problem of how to increase value for target markets that are undergoing continuously changing needs and wants. Organizations must thoughtfully define their products, services, prices, communications, and distribution in a way that meets real buyer needs in a competitively viable way. That is the task of marketing.
Although selling is a very old subject, marketing is a relatively new subject. It represents a higher-order integration of many separate functions — selling, advertising, marketing research, new-product development, customer service, physical distribution — that impinge on customer needs and satisfaction. Many organizations at first resist marketing because it threatens vested interests within the organization and their own concepts of how to manage the organization effectively. Marketing gradually gets established, however, first as a promotion function, later as a customer service function, still later as an innovation function, then as a market positioning function, and ultimately as an analysis, planning, and control function. Few companies understand and install marketing in its full form when first considering it. Even after marketing is effectively implemented in an organization, there is a tendency for many managers to forget its main principles in the wake of success.
Marketing’s task in the organization is not only to help it recognize business opportunities and serve the various publics but also to harness the organization’s energy to enhance the quality of life in society.