словарь For discussion

Education / School Exams
  My worst experience at school
  The teacher I liked /like best
  My favourite school subject
  School food
  The teacher’s responsibility to his pupils
  My first day at school
  The advantages of the educational system in my country.
Holidays A famous tourist attraction
  The purposes of holidays
  The holiday that went wrong
ANGLAIS Holidays and escapism
  The right to have a paid holiday
  The tourist industry
Houses The home of the future
  The place where I was born
  Buying or renting?
  A celebrated house
  Conservation v. progress in housing
Food The distinctive food of my district
  Should we eat natural or artificial food?
  ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’
  The links between national food and national character
Speech What is ‘good’ English
  Learning a foreign language
  Problems of communication in modern society
  Language and nationality
  Are we taught to speak or do we just learn to speak ?
Jobs A typical day in my job
  A successful man or woman
  ‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy’
  Does a person have a right to choose his own job?
  ‘Equal pay for equal work’
  The problems of unemployment
Sports and Games The importance of sport
  The game I enjoy most
  Sport and politics
  People’s true character is revealed in games
  Should sports like boxing be banned?
Fashion and Pop The price of clothes
  Male fashion
  National costume
  Dressing to fit the occasion
  The fashion industry
  Are pop, jazz and blues the same?
  Pop music and politics
The Arts Serious fiction v. light reading
  Contemporary literature in my country
  Education through television
  The best film I’ve ever seen
  Why are the cinema and the theatre getting more violent?
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