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St-PB is the second largest city in Russia. Its population is about five million people. The city is situated on the east shorn of the golf of Finland of the Baltic Sea. St-PB stands on the river Neva in its delta. The river is seventeen four kilometers long. It is the main waterway of the city. Many centuries ago these lands belong to Novgorod principality, but it the 17-century they were sired by Sweden. When Peter the first came to Russian troun he launched the war against Sweden. This war lasted for 21 years. And known as a north war. After one of the important battles Peter the first ordered to put up the fortress to protect these lands. It was built on the Heir Island and known as Peter and Paul fortress. Soon Peter the first decided build a new big city here. He invited famous architectures to build the city. Now it is one of most big cities in the world. It is famous for its famous museums, parks and cathedrals.


Shopping Shopping has common elements wherewer it takes place. Abuyer looks for a seller who is
Offering something the buyer wants or needs at a price the buyer can afford to pay. Sellers often advertise their wares in newspapers, radio, TV.Sellers usually use a varity of tactics to induce buyers to purchase from them at a price whitch leaves some profit. Shopping is a part of our life. There are people who hate going shopping, So they make a list of what they needed things. And there are people who go from shop to shop looking for goods of better quality and lower price. They don’t worry about the time they spend shopping. But there is a very good service called Postal Market. It helps you to save your time and get goods of high quality.


Sport is very important part of our life in GB. Thousand of people play outdoor and indoor; such as boxing, football, cricket. There are many team games in GB such as cricking and hockey. There are different of football for example: rugby whitch oppered 1859 at rugby school. The players have the oval ball in their hands. Another kind of football is soccer. Soccer watches big crowds. There is another game in GB whitch is known as cricket. It is often could an English national game. There is a fact that they play cricket since 16 centure. This game often play at school and univercities and all towns and willages have there cricket teams. Swiming is also popular in GB. Many children learn to swim at schools or during their holidays at seaside. There are also indoor swiming pools whitch makes swiming posible all the round. Swiming championships are often reported in the press , over the radio, and on the television.