Диалог: How to arrange birthday / Как устроить день рождение

Samantha: My younger sister Suzy has birthday today. I would like to arrange something interesting for her.  
Christopher: For example? Do you want to buy something interesting or to sing an unknown song?  
Samantha: The song I am going to sing together with my sister is well-known. It is «Happy birthday to you…». And what about presents – I don`t know what to buy.  
Christopher: How old will be your sister?  
Samantha: She will be nineteen.  
Christopher: What is she fond of? Many young people are fond of pop-music, gadgets, etc.  
Samantha: She likes different romantic things: candles, romantic stories, flowers, etc.  
Christopher: Then everything is very easy. You buy beautiful flowers, some incense sticks and the latest much talked-of love story. She has to be happy.  
Samantha: Are you sure?  
Christopher: Sure, I know women very well.  
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