Диалог: The travel agency / В турагентстве

Samantha: A: Tourist Agency «***». How can I help you?
Christopher: Hello, do you have any unreserved vacation to Italy or maybe Egypt. Greece is an option too.
Samantha: Sorry, everything’s already reserved. But we have many empty spots for vacation to Scotland.
Christopher: No, it’s too rainy and dirty there!
Samantha: Why? It dosn’t rain a lot. However it’s very green in there. In June or July you can see very beautiful flowers and trees.
Christopher: But it is cold there, and I want to have a tanned skin.
Samantha: Not really. You can choose south parts of Scotland for your vacation.
Christopher: But there are lots of mountains!
Samantha: You will have an opportunity to clim Ben Nevis which is the highest mountain in United Kingdom.
Christopher: The language is impossible to understand.
Samantha: A: Our Agency provides guides to help the tourists in such countries.
Christopher: Ok, I’ll choose Scotland.

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