топик 24 Hour News

Ted Turner’s Cable News Network (CNN), based in Atlanta, Georgia, changed how television news was gathered and reported around the world.

Turner started his 24-hour-a-day news channel in June 1980. Before that, large American TV networks reported the daily world news at 6:30 p.m. Turner’s concept of reporting news in great depth as it happened, whenever and wherever it happened, gave Americans and people worldwide a new way to watch the news.

CNN set up news branches throughout the world, and new recording and satellite communication technologies allowed
reporters to broadcast live from remote places. By 1989, CNN had 1,600 employees and was watched and trusted
by viewers in 65 countries.

Viewers were mesmerized by CNN’s live coverage of events such as the 1980 Republican convention , the 1986 explosion of the U.S. space shuttle Challenger, and the 1989 political protests in China’s Tiananmen Square and the U.S. invasion of Panama.

World leaders such as British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Cuba’s Fidel Castro said they watched the world’s major political and military events unfold on CNN. Millions watched CNN’s live coverage of the start of the 1991 Persian Gulf War and that broadcast changed the way that U.S. military commanders and their troops fought the war.

Live reporting gives viewers unedited, candid , and often powerful newscasts. But the public’s thirst for 24-hour news can leave reporters little time to ensure that stories are completely accurate. Stories can also be exaggerated to attract more viewers than the competition. By the time Ted Turner sold CNN to the Time Warner media group in 1995, other 24-hour news services, such as MSNBC, were being formed to compete with CNN.

Today, the Internet has given news services another potent outlet. Live television broadcasts can now be put directly onto Internet websites that anyone with a personal computer can watch.

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