топик Oswald, Lee Harvey, 1940 – 1963

In 1963 the world was shaken by the news that President Kennedy had been assassinated in Dallas, Texas, while driving from airport. The man arrested for this terrible crime was Lee Harvey Oswald. After se r- vice in the US Marine Corps, Oswald went to the Soviet Union for a time and married a Russian girl. On returning to the United States he was for a time involved with Cuban revolutionary elements. On 22 nd November, 1963 he is said to have taken a rifle into the Texas Book Depository in Dallas, where he worked, and shot President Kennedy and Governor Conally of Texas as they drove past.

Conally survived, but the President died soon afterwards. Oswald tried to escape, shooting a policeman who tried to stop him. He was caught, but was later shot dead before he could be brought to court by the night — club owner Jack Ruby, who had got into the police station. The Warren Commission, which examined carefully t he assassination, stated that Oswald had acted alone, but many people do not agree, and there are still a great many questions concerning the killing left unanswered.


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